What Our Stannington, Morpeth Stables Offer

  • We offer Full/Part/DIY livery. Each Horse/Pony is treated as an individual.
  • We have Straw, shavings and straw pellets for bedding.
  • You have the choice of hay, hay-in-a-bag or haylage (or a mix of all three, if you wish!)
  • Mares and Geldings in separate fields.
  • Private paddocks are available.
  • Indoor and outdoor school, both with lights.
  • 5 acre play field with XC jumps.
  • Off-road farm ride.
  • These facilities are for those who rent a stable here only.
  • One other great facility we have – but we have to share with others is the RIDLEY ARMS !!!
  • Stables cost from to per week.


  • Private paddock
  • Shavings or straw pellets
  • Small bales of hay and straw. If you don’t want big bale system. Small hay, Small straw
  • After 18 years of providing services to our clients, Jon & Tina have moved on to new careers, we wish them all the very best. West house farm livery service offers assistance to those who require services. WHF livery service is owned by Rebecca Newton. Rebecca and her team have over 20 years of combined experience in competitive riding, schooling and education for young horses.

      Having managed livery yards in the past Rebecca has the experience required to take her for your horse’s needs no matter how big or small.

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