What Our Stannington, Morpeth Stables Offer

  • We offer Full/Part/DIY livery. Each Horse/Pony is treated as an individual.
  • We have Straw, shavings and straw pellets for bedding.
  • You have the choice of hay, hay-in-a-bag or haylage (or a mix of all three, if you wish!)
  • Mares and Geldings in separate fields.
  • Private paddocks are available.
  • Indoor and outdoor school, both with lights.
  • 5 acre play field with XC jumps.
  • Off-road farm ride.
  • These facilities are for those who rent a stable here only.
  • One other great facility we have – but we have to share with others is the RIDLEY ARMS !!!
  • Stables cost from £29 to £31.50 per week.
  • DIY with ad-lib big bale hay and straw from £50 per week.


  • Private paddock (£4)
  • Shavings (£9) or straw pellets (£5.50)
  • Small bales of hay and straw. If you don’t want big bale system. Small hay £6, Small straw £3.50
  • JON and TINA, who live here, offer services to those who wish, they charge £8 per day.

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